Hand in hand, Co-sharing the future – the company participated in Lijia international intelligent equipment exhibition

The 23rd Lijia International Intelligent Equipment Exhibition in 2023 will be held in the North District Hall of Chongqing International Expo Center from May 26 to 29. The exhibition focused on intelligent and digital manufacturing, focusing on the new achievements of the equipment manufacturing industry in recent years. The exhibits cover complete sets of intelligent manufacturing equipment and technology, intelligent factory and digital workshop solutions, digital manufacturing technology solutions, quality control and automated inspection solutions. A total of more than 1,200 enterprises participated in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, involving metal cutting machine tools, plastics and packaging, casting heat/aluminum industry/abrasives, industrial automation and robots, tool fixtures/measurement, sheet metal/laser processing.
Chongqing Jiangdong Machinery Co., Ltd. as a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the comprehensive forging equipment enterprises, in this exhibition, focused on the display of metal and non-metal hydraulic forming complete sets of equipment and forming technology integrated overall solution. Mainly involved in automotive and home appliance industry stamping forming, metal forging forming, composite molding, powder products and other molding equipment and solutions, widely used in aerospace, new energy, automobile manufacturing, military equipment, ship transportation, rail transit, petrochemical, light industrial appliances, new materials and other fields.
This exhibition is a feast of the industry, but also a harvest journey. In this exhibition, our company's products are favored by many new and old customers, the company's sales team has always been full of spirit, enthusiasm, patience and exhibitors to promote and communicate, show the company's good image, but also obtained a lot of valuable order information.
In the next step, all employees of the company will closely focus on the strategic goal of "being a domestic first-class forming technology provider that can participate in international competition", focusing on intelligent manufacturing and lightweight forming technology, in order to build the company into an international and domestic well-known brand and realize the trend of China's equipment

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Post time: May-31-2023