SMC/BMC/GMT/PCM Composite Molding Hydraulic Press

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To ensure precise control during the molding process, the hydraulic press is equipped with an advanced servo hydraulic control system. This system enhances position control, speed control, micro opening speed control, and pressure parameter accuracy. The pressure control accuracy can reach up to ±0.1MPa. Parameters such as slide position, downward speed, pre-press speed, micro opening speed, return speed, and exhaust frequency can be set and adjusted within a certain range on the touch screen. The control system is energy-saving, with low noise and minimal hydraulic impact, providing high stability.

To address technical issues such as unbalanced loads caused by asymmetric molded parts and thickness deviations in large flat thin products, or to meet process requirements such as in-mold coating and parallel demolding, the hydraulic press can be equipped with a dynamic instantaneous four-corner leveling device. This device utilizes high-precision displacement sensors and high-frequency response servo valves to control the synchronous correction action of the four-cylinder actuators. It achieves a maximum four-corner leveling accuracy of up to 0.05mm on the entire table.

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Enhanced Precision: The advanced servo hydraulic control system ensures precise position, speed, and pressure control during the molding process. This improves the overall molding accuracy and consistency of composite materials.

Energy Efficiency: The hydraulic press is equipped with an energy-saving control system that optimizes energy consumption. This reduces operational costs and promotes sustainability.

SMCGNTBMC composite molding hydraulic press (4)
SMCGNTBMC composite molding hydraulic press (8)

High Stability: With its stable control system and minimal hydraulic impact, the hydraulic press offers a reliable and smooth operation. It minimizes vibrations and ensures consistent quality output.

Versatile Applications: The hydraulic press is suitable for various types of composite materials, including SMC, BMC, GMT, and PCM. It is widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and consumer goods.

Customization Capabilities: The hydraulic press can be tailored to meet specific molding requirements, such as in-mold coating and parallel demolding. This flexibility allows manufacturers to adapt to different production needs and improve efficiency.

Product Applications

Automotive Industry: The hydraulic press is used to produce various automotive components, such as exterior panels, dashboards, and interior trims made from composite materials. It offers durability, lightweight properties, and design flexibility.

Aerospace Industry: Composite materials are extensively used in the aerospace industry for the production of aircraft parts. The hydraulic press enables the manufacturing of components with high strength-to-weight ratios and resistance to extreme conditions.

Construction Sector: The hydraulic press is utilized in the construction industry for producing composite products like panels, claddings, and structural elements. These materials provide excellent insulation, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

Consumer Goods: Various consumer goods, such as furniture, sporting goods, and household appliances, benefit from the use of composite materials. The hydraulic press contributes to the efficient production of these items.

In conclusion, the SMC/BMC/GMT/PCM composite molding hydraulic press offers enhanced precision, energy efficiency, and high stability during the molding process. Its versatility makes it suitable for a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and consumer goods. This hydraulic press enables manufacturers to produce high-quality composite materials with customized features.

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