Technical support

Jiangdong Machinery as a customer to provide a full range of technical support is obligatory responsibility. Technical support includes pre-and after-sales support. Pre-sales technology is mainly used to fully identify the material, process, mold and equipment requirements of the customer for the production of product parts, and to achieve an organic combination, so as to improve efficiency, control quality and reduce operating costs. After-sales technical support includes operation and maintenance training, equipment maintenance items and requirements, so that customers can fully and efficiently use the equipment functions. Each customer can take advantage of our online technical assistance, submit questions and requests, and receive responses in real time.

Spare Parts

When the Jiangdong machinery products leave the factory, according to the structure or feature of the equipment, equipped with regularwearing parts and spare parts; When the equipment needs to be replaced with spare parts, Jiangdong machinery purchases from our partner suppliers to ensure that each customer can recover the spare parts needed for the operation of the equipment in a very short time, whether within or outside the warranty period.


Jiangdong machinery attaches great importance to the maintenance of products purchased by users, and quickly solves the equipment problems through our offices or partners around the world.

Remote service

Through the Internet, under the premise of customer authorization, Jiangdong machinery can understand the status of customer equipment and provide remote diagnosis and service, without requiring our engineers to the plants for maintenance or modification of procedures, so as to shorten service time and achieve rapid response.


Training is also one of most important services for us. Train equipment operation and maintenance personnel for customers. The training content includes equipment operation principle, operation rules, safety key points, maintenance items and plans, major troubleshooting and other contents. The training site is usually the customer equipment installation plant. Through training, customers can fully understand the use and maintenance equipment.

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