Forging extrusion forming technology

Forming application

Application fields

Spare parts name

Isothermal forging

Aviation, aerospace, national defense, military and  other fields

Materials: aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy, intermetallic compound, ceramics, etc.

Typical parts: high temperature alloy turbine disc, titanium alloy compressor disc, various high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy structure parts for aerospace and ground gas turbine components, etc.

Multi-ram forging

Forgings of complex shape with boss, branches, teeth and cavities

Oil drill pipe, liquid gas high-pressure container, jet engine shaft, throttle valve body, nose landing gear rotating shaft, gear outer cylinder, cylindrical parts, jet engine disc, tube head, nose landing gear, extrusion pipe, valve body, rotor hollow parts, leak prevention valve, turbo-shaft, gun-tail ring, jet engine rear journal, pump body, etc.

Ring rolling

Ring forgings or ring blanks of various shapes and sizes and materials

Radial forging

Mainly used for forging axles, such as railway axles

Free forging

Industrial machinery

Bearings, hooks, molds, shears blades, rolling rollers, engine shafts, turbine shafts, nuclear reactor nozzles, flanges, etc.

Engineering machinery, mining machinery

Large ring parts, drill parts, etc

Agricultural machinery, fishing equipment

Planter claw, spade, hoe, shoe, etc.

Industrial vehicles, automobiles

Spatulas on transport machinery, etc.


Locomotive spindle, gear, wheel, etc.

Ships, ports

Connecting rod, crankshaft, hook, flange, etc

Cold and warm forging

Various cold and warm extrusion forming

Industries such as automobiles, such as gears

Technological process:

 feeding-heating or annealing, phosphorus saponification-extrusion forming

Production line composition

Cold or warm extrusion line: rollover feederwashboard feeder(induction heating furnace)transfer beltinspection equipmentfeederpressmanipulatorcutting transfer