Liquid forging forming

Forming application

Application Fields

Spare parts name


Mechanical parts

Aluminum andmatrix composite piston, aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy wheel hub, beam (cross beam), steering, lower arm, brake calipers, ABS parts, engine support, gearbox, air compressor connecting rod

Pressure resistant, air tight parts

Air conditioning compressor turbine disc, cylinder block, front and rear cover, steering valve shell, oil pump, multi-branch pipe, fuel distribution pipe brake cylinder block, clutch cylinder block

Wear-resistant parts

Pull fork, pump shell, rocker arm, track plate, air compressor piston, swash plate, aluminum matrix composite material brake hub

Motorcycles, electric cars and bicycles

Mechanical parts

Aluminum and magnesium alloy wheel hub, upper and lower plate, drive box housing, rear hanger, crank, frame body, handle joint, frame joint, direction shaft

Pressure and wear-resistant parts

Aluminum piston, shock absorber, disc brake pump body

Electric parts

Disk drive housing, electrical bushing, electrical compacting ring, image drum, sonar housing, heating plate, computer parts

Other mechanical aluminum alloy parts

Marine screw pulp, pneumatic instrument housing, optical mirror housing, pressure cooker and cooking equipment, military parts

Other materials

Copper alloy valve body, sanitary ware, shaft sleeve, worm gear, oxygen blowing nozzle parts; Ductile iron harrow plate, cast iron pot, die steel; Zinc alloy worm gear and mold parts

Technological process

Production line composition




Technical requirement



Intermediate frequency induction furnace or resistance furnace

Molten metal

Installing smoke and dust treatment facilities; the melting rate matches the liquid forging rate; energy efficient, bottom blowing argon

At least 2 sets


Cating machine

Pour molten metal into the mold

With the functions of quantitative, thermal insulation, lifting, advance and retreat.

Automatic or manual

Liquid forging

Liquid forging machine

Liquid forging forming

With the functions of mold closing, mold opening, mold filling,(local) pressure and holding, core pulling, top parts, etc. PLC program control.

Customized according to process needs

Liquid die

Forming parts

Composite, easy to replace wear parts, mold core material high temperature stability. Automatic mold temperature control

Customized according to process needs

Spray grouts


Coating machine

Spray coating on the mold cavity, protect the mold, smooth out

Spraying pressure0.3MPa, double sprinkler head

Used in die casting spray machine


Collecting machine

Remove the forging parts out of the machine

With the functions of stretching, rotating, lifting and so on, and the clamping force can be adjusted



Cooling machine

The liquid forging is cooled

The speed is controllable and adjustable

Customized according to the production rhythm