Carbon fiber forming

Forming application

Carbon fiber (CF) is a kind of high strength and modulus fiber material with 95% carbon content. Carbon fiber possesses the excellent properties of the carbon and fiber, its density is lighter than steel, magnesium, titanium, aluminum, and higher strength, modulus, tensile strength of 7~9 times that of steel, the density of less than 1/5 of the steel, and has high resistance to corrosion, high temperature resistant, and friction, was the industry known as “black gold”, is now in the automotive lightweight components, the major domestic automobile enterprises, much attention has been paid to foreign advanced automobile enterprises have batch used in automobile structure and covering parts.

Technological process

High pressure injection molding process (HPRTM), Carbon fiber is cut into the desired shape, and then pressed into the blank body. Finally, through high-pressure injection equipment, the resin of the rapid curing system is injected into the mold with the blank body, and the molding products are cured.

Production line composition




Roll cutting

CNC cutting machine

Cut the carbon fiber to fit the design

Material transfer


Transfer the cut material


Pre-forming press

Pre-formed the cut carbon


High pressure injection unit

Forming press

Fiber and resin composite infiltration


Joint cutting manipulator

Products de-burring