Internal high-pressure forming

Forming application

Automobile industry: chassis parts, includes the auxiliary frame, rear axle, rail and bumper; vehicle body construction parts, includesinstrument panel support, radiator support, seat frame, side beam, top beam, engines and drive system, includes manifold and exhaust pipe, camshaft and drive shaft; steering and suspension systems, includes control arm and steering rod, torsion beam.

Aerospace industry: hollow frame beam, engine hollow double-throw crankshaft, inlet and exhaust system pipe and complex pipe joint.

Other applications: hollow step shaft, combined with bending process, can be machined as a curved interface such as circular, rectangular or other shape of hollow parts; the light body camshaft can be machined by the combination of connection and forming; with different material of two kinds of tubes, through the internal high pressure forming, double composite pipe fitting s can be processing ,such as the parts with high or low heat conduction, as well as the specific high anticorrosion performance parts, can also be used for the middle layer of ceramic materials with parts manufacturing, ceramic materials can be used as a thermal insulation layer, can also hinder the spread of sound and vibration.

Technological process

Raw tube—branchedbendingfeedingmanipulator transportpre-formingmanipulatorinternal high pressure formingblanking and cuttingfinished

Production line composition: Tube sorting equipment, CNC bender, horizontal feeder, manipulator, performing press, internal high pressure press, die, cutting and blanking equipment