SMC/GNT/BMC composite molding hydraulic press

It is mainly used in the molding process of thermoplastic and thermosetting fiber reinforced composites.

Hydraulic press has four columns and frame structure. In order to fit the composite material holding time relatively long forming process, hydraulic control system adopts advanced servo hydraulic control system, improve the position control, speed control, micro-opening speed control and pressure parameter accuracy. Pressure control accuracy up to ±0.1Mpa, slide position, down speed, pre-pressure speed, micro-opening speed and return speed, exhaust number and other parameters can be set and adjusted within a certain range on the touch screen, the control system energy saving, low noise, small hydraulic impact, high stability.

In order to solve the technical problems caused by the asymmetry of forming parts, such as partial load and thickness deviation of large plannar thin products, or to meet the requirements of in-mold spraying, parallel stripping and other processes. The press can be equipped with dynamic instantaneous four-angle leveling device. It adopts high-precision displacement sensor and high-frequency response servo valve. Through the dynamic closed-loop control mode of proportional servo valve or servo pump control, it can control the synchronous rectifying action of the four-cylinder executive element to achieve the four-angle leveling precision of the whole table up to ±0.05mm.