History and event
In 1966

develop and manufacture hydraulic technology type agricultural machinery;

In 1973

the company’s predecessor was the Chinese government military manufacturing enterprise established;

In 1978

began to produce, develop and manufacture hydraulic press;

In 1993

Hydraulic press export to Southeast Asia, South Korea and other regions

In 1995

obtained ISO9001 quality system certificate;

In 2003

become China’s important hydraulic press in the research and development and manufacturing base;

In 2005

began to participate in the drafting and formulation of Chinese hydraulic press standards;

In 2012

the hydraulic press passed the CE certification and began to export to Europe;

In 2015

assemble automotive lightweight parts forming technology and complete set of equipment R&D;

In 2019

began to relocate and expand the construction of new areas, and set up demonstration plants for lightweight auto parts;